Monthly Archives: August 2011

Carrboro, NC

Show Day! Such an awesome group this week. We were able to do a fun through. I was calling out things like: Cowboys, supermodels, nerds (totally uncouth, but so funny) and the town of Camelot came to life in an entirely new light. All of the minis were exceptional. All very smart, some a little too smart for their own good! HA!

Cool things about Carrboro/Chapel Hill: Thursday night  = team trivia at Sparky’s.  We were so bad the DJ cheated for us a little bit and helped us win some large miller lite t-shirts and some really cute ponchos for beer bottles. Also, R & R sells whole bottles of wine for $12 at the bar – The verdict is not yet in on whether or not this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Even though a little sick – this has been another good week. 6/7 were great. I almost cried while getting the knights and squires to their backstage positions I was so proud. A show in a week is really a great accomplishment. I. LOVE. MY. JOB


bloggers block?

An online diary? Seems simple enough… Here goes.

Currently in Carrboro, NC after Berlin, PA, Charlottesville, VA, Callao, VA, Goose Creek, SC, Lynchburg, VA,  and Sumter, SC. It’s been a pretty interesting summer and I’m learning a lot about myself. Also a lot about Maggie, who’s the only one other person I see on a consistent basis.

I’ll have to work on this whole blog thing…