Carrboro, NC

Show Day! Such an awesome group this week. We were able to do a fun through. I was calling out things like: Cowboys, supermodels, nerds (totally uncouth, but so funny) and the town of Camelot came to life in an entirely new light. All of the minis were exceptional. All very smart, some a little too smart for their own good! HA!

Cool things about Carrboro/Chapel Hill: Thursday night  = team trivia at Sparky’s.  We were so bad the DJ cheated for us a little bit and helped us win some large miller lite t-shirts and some really cute ponchos for beer bottles. Also, R & R sells whole bottles of wine for $12 at the bar – The verdict is not yet in on whether or not this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Even though a little sick – this has been another good week. 6/7 were great. I almost cried while getting the knights and squires to their backstage positions I was so proud. A show in a week is really a great accomplishment. I. LOVE. MY. JOB


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