Faribault, MN

Pronounced fair-bow. Thankfully Maggie said “this area” during the question about cool things to do in town before we realized it wasn’t called “fair-i-bolt.”

Such a good week. Shattuck-St Mary boarding school is super cool. I should probably come back and teach here at some point. It’s like castley and awesome. Marlon Brando went to school here and Alyssa Milano filmed a movie here. I rubbed the stage for luck. : )

Cool things to do in town: I hear the Cheese Cave is great, we didn’t get a chance to go.  For a smaller town there sure was a lot of live music. Super cool jazz swing, and a metal hair band all in the same night. Our spot was definitely Boston’s. GREAT food and it’s open late when not much else is. AND we made friends. It was either cheese fries, or flirt. I picked flirt/hustle in darts. We lost, but we did hang out with those guys who introduced us to Spikes. Maggie flirted with the young guys I spent my time talking to a 42 year old biker with 5 Harley’s. Winning. Spike’s is a fun bar – dance music one night, hair metal the next. The Signature “the sig” downtown makes their own onion rings and blue cheese (from the cheese caves). Both of which are very good. Sad to leave, but onto an unbooked week in the Twin Cities. Here we go!

Latest ludicrous idea: train hopping. Riding freights cross country in soot.


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