Monthly Archives: October 2011

Carman, Manitoba, Canada

First time in Canada = great success! Hottie at Canadian customs, Fabulous kids, awesome adults too. Stayed with the Duncan family who lived right across the street from the school.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to explore too much…Carman is a pretty small town. We were excited for “moonlight madness” which meant the stores in town were open late. By “late” they meant about 9 pm, which by the time we got done with our show, we missed almost completely. We did get to see the end of a fire show, which was pretty cool. It was like raving, but with fire instead of glowsticks, including flaming hula hoops (which are apparently making a comeback).

Cool things about Canada:

The word “eh” – means many different things

Money – colorful and the dollar coin is nicknamed “loonie” and the 2 dollar coin is known as “toonie.”

junkfood – Pickle chips, ketchup chips, all dressed chips = good. Zesty cheese? not so great. Chicken chef? yum.

Louise gave Maggie and I cute angel carvings and the cast presented us with little heart boxes with gifts as well. It was so sweet. I got sick toward the end of the week so I was a little crabby. Had fun but excited to get back to the states where I can use my phone. Off to Marshall, MN!

Note to self, write a book : things SP’s can and cannot do for each other


Cottage Grove, MN

Where do I even begin? So we’re unbooked and this AWESOME couple takes us in for the week. Paul and Doris Gregory of Cottage Grove, MN which is like 30 minutes east of the twin cities Minneapolis and St. Paul. Things to remember about the house? Doris is a quilter and loves bears. Really good people.

Anyway so we go out to Dubliner’s on Monday and completely miss the Irish Shanty Band (bummer) but tried a few good beers. This week was definitely a good week for trying new beer!

Beer Notes:

Summit Great Northern Porter: Too Dark. Icky.

Shocktop Pumpkin: Big Fat YUM!

Finnegans Amber: Dec Minnesota

90 Shilling: Like Killians but a little more mild

Longhammer IPA: hoppy grassy aftertaste. dec.

Surly – Furious: Hoppy bitter decent

Went to see Colbie Caillat (opener was Andy Grammar sp? who looked like Ross Egan) at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Pretty cool venue, but we could only drink upstairs and the view/sound was shit from up there.  Colbie was fucking AWESOME live. so good. Checked out the Guthrie theatre and saw Neil LaBute’s Reasons to be Pretty. Made me miss big girl theatre, big time. Guthrie is a pretty cool building, the view from the 9th floor aside their blackbox theatre is cool.

Favorite bars? Gay 90’s (drag show on Tuesday was fun, had too much to drink. Next time a Queen calls me ghetto and offers to buy me a shot to make up for it, SAY NO…lesson learned). and SHOUT! a piano bar on Hennepin, inbetween 7th and 8th i believe…Nothing compared to the Penguin in Lexington, but still a good time. Purple Rain. The drink is expensive but DELISH.

Another interesting place we found was a GoodWill Outlet in Minneapolis nicknamed “Diggers.” You look through crates of clothes and you buy by weight. I got 2 sweaters (1 of them Charlotte Russe), a weird jersey thing (Maggie got a matching one), pair of pj pants, 2 t-shirts (one beatles) all for $3.43. My mommy will be so proud!

Spent a lot of $ but had a lot of fun. While doing laundry at a mat in Newport, MN i stopped at a little hole in the wall and got a tattoo. It’s purty. It’s crackling off though because I don’t put enough ointment on it! boo urns. Completely unrelated but I also discovered my love of the Amazing Race. Lee and I will go, and we will win. ❤ husband for life.

Off to Carman, Manitoba, Canada. Lovin’ life, but Missing Kenny. Here we go!