Carman, Manitoba, Canada

First time in Canada = great success! Hottie at Canadian customs, Fabulous kids, awesome adults too. Stayed with the Duncan family who lived right across the street from the school.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to explore too much…Carman is a pretty small town. We were excited for “moonlight madness” which meant the stores in town were open late. By “late” they meant about 9 pm, which by the time we got done with our show, we missed almost completely. We did get to see the end of a fire show, which was pretty cool. It was like raving, but with fire instead of glowsticks, including flaming hula hoops (which are apparently making a comeback).

Cool things about Canada:

The word “eh” – means many different things

Money – colorful and the dollar coin is nicknamed “loonie” and the 2 dollar coin is known as “toonie.”

junkfood – Pickle chips, ketchup chips, all dressed chips = good. Zesty cheese? not so great. Chicken chef? yum.

Louise gave Maggie and I cute angel carvings and the cast presented us with little heart boxes with gifts as well. It was so sweet. I got sick toward the end of the week so I was a little crabby. Had fun but excited to get back to the states where I can use my phone. Off to Marshall, MN!

Note to self, write a book : things SP’s can and cannot do for each other


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