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Chicago, IL

THANKSGIVING WEEK! Miguel was in town which was THE BEST because I didn’t even know that until I was on my way home. Quick stop off to Jessica’s beginning the fastest week of all time.  Had dinner with Timmy Nancy and the kids. Lily is SO smart. I ❤ her. She’s learning about mammals in school and she knows all about it. We ate BWW and then partied with Timmy (which I haven’t done in so long!) Ate dinner with Jovi and Danny, made thanksgiving dinner ALL DAY Wednesday before thanksgiving. SO glad I did. It was so fun. Going to make it a tradition if I can. I made the pumpkin trifle (which was a hit), Irish soda bread, and deviled eggs. Also helped with the apple slices, and just hung out with the family. Also found out my cousin Heather (26 days younger than me!) is preggo. Totally excited, but a crazy mix of emotions. I feel so old! I am not ready for all this to be happening. Next Christmas we’ll have a 5 month old and a 10 month old at Christmas. AWESOME news. Even though the week flew by I’m grateful that I made time for family and didn’t spend it with friends the whole time. Only ended up at teasers once, but TBK twice. YIKES. But i got to see TJ Nicol and it was glorious. Julia’s new goal in life: produce Wizard Porn. One more week Ituna – then CHRISTMAS BREAK WOOOOO!


Parkston, SD

Got to our homestay, and Jen (Mom Extraordinaire) is cooking a turkey AND she has vegetable soup ready in the crock pot. SCORE. She then shows us the entire menu for the week – Breakfast, dinner, and supper. And it’s all amazing. A little bit interesting to note that none of her boys were auditioning for the show.  She and Travis (who we found out later from some guys at the bar that his nickname was “tiny” and used to rock an enormous mullet) have three boys. Craton (a boy from across the street) was about a year old and came over one day and he was SO cute. We also played fun games – Scrabble, Cribbage, & Phase 10.

Pretty low key week – we had two kids with downs.  They were really sweet. It went pretty well until one of our contacts fell onto one of them literally dragging her to her seat. HOT MESS. Kids always trying to help even when they are in the way, which can be frustrating, but I think my SP and I did an awesome job. Kinda had a little melt down and talked to Kevin for like 45 minutes. Yikes, but I think it helped. I just needed to talk to someone about work other than Maggie who actually gets it.

This week I learned first hand the affect we have on these children. After auditions I’m setting up the other room for rehearsal and two girls enter the room to say hi to me. One i recognized, we just cast her as a damsel, and the other one I didn’t.  The second girl started to tell me a story

“last year I came to auditions and the director told us to say our name and age like we just won a million dollars. So I did but I guess I was too high pitched because the director said WELL I DON’T SPEAK DOLPHIN and I didn’t get cast in the show, so I didn’t audition this year.”

She was STILL upset about it, and remembered VERBATIM what the previous director had said to her. Moreover, she didn’t audition this year (and probably won’t audition for a play again) and she would have gotten cast this time. It was a cast all situation. All the kids were telling us how much better we were than the last pair.  Audition size went from 65 to 56 in one year. That totally sucked. So even if I’m REAL tired or having a crabby day – I need to remember to be energetic and just BE NICE.

Laundromat = the WORST. Boog’s was our spot. We met a man who did Missoula Children’s Theatre when he was a kid, and LOVED the program.  Still super supportive. Made some other friends, and saw the oldest Koolaid packets on the planet and the creepiest doll. Made Maggie pee in her pants laughing. Good times.

Crystal, ND

The Sunday drive was depressing. I already missed Kenny and Kentucky. PLUS I’m missing his brother’s wedding this week to be here. womp, womp. The week however, went by super fast. We had an entire 6 bedroom house to ourselves, unfortunately no grocery stores close by so I couldn’t make any sweet feasts. The kids were pretty awesome, I didn’t use my clipboard or anything and it was actually much easier. Everyone did a fantastic job memorizing their lines, and the shows went off without a hitch. The local spot is called the SPUD. Which was the ONLY thing in town beside the post office and school. Real nice people. On tuesday they had a pool league and offered their leftover pulled pork sandwiches to us – no charge. DEF perks of a small town. they were DELICIOUS. Saturday I ordered a steak for the first time ever. It was pretty good. Also, parents were buying us drinks and we did a congo line behind the bar and everyone joined in. It may have been my drunk ears – but Sin Wagon is a pretty good karaoke song for me. New drinks of the week:

Scooby snack – pineapple juice, midori, heavy cream, malibu
Shasta McNasty – crown and mystery
Lunchbox – 1/2 beer 1/2 crown, drop in a shot of amaretto.

By the end of this tour I will have all the necessary equipment to be a bartender.

Lexington, KY

Sweet Lord I’ve Missed the South.

I got to go to Larry and Viv’s to carve pumpkins. I ate instead of carving, so I ended up carving by firelight. Also, Maddie and Jackson are the cutest most well behaved children on the planet. Patience is the secret to successful parenting. I’m doomed.

Anyway, I went on regionals with the LCT folks presenting Boxcar Children.  We are really good at the title game, talking about the many amazing feats of Michael Keaton, and know all there is to know about why you should visit Mulligan’s indoor golf. Kenny actually got a day off so we spent Wednesday on the townhouse futon watching movies. Igor – not that great. Ghostbusters II – classic. Gremlins – hysterical. Kenny fell asleep but I laughed aloud by myself the entire time. I HAVE to watch Gremlins with Lee. We would die.

Where else but the Penguin to complete my week? Africa is always the best, and the musicians, as per usual, made a joke about me being on ecstasy. I made this list of things to do:

  • take over the world
  • beat Sara at hand and foot, cribbage, and banagrams
  • play loaded questions
  • send financial report
  • nails
  • thrift (nightgown and keds)
  • hair
  • todd’s
  • marikka’s
  • hula hoop contest
  • finish the Killing Season 1
  • get stationary + stamps
  • B-day gifts to Schmaness
  • Update WORDPRESS
  • potato casserole/ice cream cake
  • Visit with Ms Viv
  • Find Ms Nancy
  • Wizard People Part II
  • Coffee w/ Sonya
So I didn’t get EVERYthing done, but a lot. I was really sad that I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year. It’s the first time i can remember NOT having a costume. But i did get to shave some heads for a really good cause.  I wrote a note to Larry and Viv about bringing me back to LCT next season. Fingers crossed.

St Francis, SD

Indian Reservation…It was different. It was all well and good until Thursday, when shit hit the fan. No one knew their lines, except a girl named Tamika who told me her name was Ann Marie (which I had been calling her all week). I had to run around like mad back stage, and no one would keep quiet. Our trailer was pretty legit tho, unfortunately nothing to report about the town because we weren’t allowed out after dark. Our dumpster was riddled with gang signs. good times. Off to Lexington, KY to visit the boy.

Missoula, MT

So we had an unbooked week and we ventured to home office to work. Lots of fun stuff. I got to see a sneak peek of some Repunzel rehearsal and it was way cute. The peewees play mushrooms and their song is adorable.


There are also a lot of fun bars and restaurants.
Pasta and Wraps – good food, fair price, slow service.

The Rhino was a fun bar with shuffleboard, which Maggie and I are not terrible at, and should consider hustling folks!

Kettlehouse Brewery – Only the southside location has fresh bongwater. Last minute (leaving my car door open to run inside) I got a growler of it. yummy. Closes at 9pm.

We hiked the M after staying out all night at Dead Hipster night. Yikes, it was painful, but we DID IT! Made a new friend, Dana, and it was an overall success.