Crystal, ND

The Sunday drive was depressing. I already missed Kenny and Kentucky. PLUS I’m missing his brother’s wedding this week to be here. womp, womp. The week however, went by super fast. We had an entire 6 bedroom house to ourselves, unfortunately no grocery stores close by so I couldn’t make any sweet feasts. The kids were pretty awesome, I didn’t use my clipboard or anything and it was actually much easier. Everyone did a fantastic job memorizing their lines, and the shows went off without a hitch. The local spot is called the SPUD. Which was the ONLY thing in town beside the post office and school. Real nice people. On tuesday they had a pool league and offered their leftover pulled pork sandwiches to us – no charge. DEF perks of a small town. they were DELICIOUS. Saturday I ordered a steak for the first time ever. It was pretty good. Also, parents were buying us drinks and we did a congo line behind the bar and everyone joined in. It may have been my drunk ears – but Sin Wagon is a pretty good karaoke song for me. New drinks of the week:

Scooby snack – pineapple juice, midori, heavy cream, malibu
Shasta McNasty – crown and mystery
Lunchbox – 1/2 beer 1/2 crown, drop in a shot of amaretto.

By the end of this tour I will have all the necessary equipment to be a bartender.


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