Lexington, KY

Sweet Lord I’ve Missed the South.

I got to go to Larry and Viv’s to carve pumpkins. I ate instead of carving, so I ended up carving by firelight. Also, Maddie and Jackson are the cutest most well behaved children on the planet. Patience is the secret to successful parenting. I’m doomed.

Anyway, I went on regionals with the LCT folks presenting Boxcar Children.  We are really good at the title game, talking about the many amazing feats of Michael Keaton, and know all there is to know about why you should visit Mulligan’s indoor golf. Kenny actually got a day off so we spent Wednesday on the townhouse futon watching movies. Igor – not that great. Ghostbusters II – classic. Gremlins – hysterical. Kenny fell asleep but I laughed aloud by myself the entire time. I HAVE to watch Gremlins with Lee. We would die.

Where else but the Penguin to complete my week? Africa is always the best, and the musicians, as per usual, made a joke about me being on ecstasy. I made this list of things to do:

  • take over the world
  • beat Sara at hand and foot, cribbage, and banagrams
  • play loaded questions
  • send financial report
  • nails
  • thrift (nightgown and keds)
  • hair
  • todd’s
  • marikka’s
  • hula hoop contest
  • finish the Killing Season 1
  • get stationary + stamps
  • B-day gifts to Schmaness
  • Update WORDPRESS
  • potato casserole/ice cream cake
  • Visit with Ms Viv
  • Find Ms Nancy
  • Wizard People Part II
  • Coffee w/ Sonya
So I didn’t get EVERYthing done, but a lot. I was really sad that I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year. It’s the first time i can remember NOT having a costume. But i did get to shave some heads for a really good cause.  I wrote a note to Larry and Viv about bringing me back to LCT next season. Fingers crossed.


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