Chicago, IL

THANKSGIVING WEEK! Miguel was in town which was THE BEST because I didn’t even know that until I was on my way home. Quick stop off to Jessica’s beginning the fastest week of all time.  Had dinner with Timmy Nancy and the kids. Lily is SO smart. I ❤ her. She’s learning about mammals in school and she knows all about it. We ate BWW and then partied with Timmy (which I haven’t done in so long!) Ate dinner with Jovi and Danny, made thanksgiving dinner ALL DAY Wednesday before thanksgiving. SO glad I did. It was so fun. Going to make it a tradition if I can. I made the pumpkin trifle (which was a hit), Irish soda bread, and deviled eggs. Also helped with the apple slices, and just hung out with the family. Also found out my cousin Heather (26 days younger than me!) is preggo. Totally excited, but a crazy mix of emotions. I feel so old! I am not ready for all this to be happening. Next Christmas we’ll have a 5 month old and a 10 month old at Christmas. AWESOME news. Even though the week flew by I’m grateful that I made time for family and didn’t spend it with friends the whole time. Only ended up at teasers once, but TBK twice. YIKES. But i got to see TJ Nicol and it was glorious. Julia’s new goal in life: produce Wizard Porn. One more week Ituna – then CHRISTMAS BREAK WOOOOO!


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