Chicago, IL

Winter Break. Lazy to the extreme! Went snowboarding at Devil’s Head with Julia, Bri Bri, Ronnie the Bear and Mike. Totally sucked and was sore for two days. It was worth it though, lots of fun. Went on the sweatpants bar crawl in Wrigley.  Lots of people in hot orange shirts drinking. It was okay, i’d prolly do it again if I’m around the area next year this time. Then Kenny came. MEET THE FAM! We went to my Gramma’s to make pasta fagiol, Janet’s for Christmas dinner, and my Godmom’s for a quick glass of wine after Christmas dinner. I’d say it was a success. Everyone likes him, holey ears and all. We went on two mini vacas. One to Chula Vista in the Dells which was SO FUN and an amazing deal. $100 a night (for both of us) all you can eat, drink, and water park passes. Doesn’t get too much better than that. Except Starry Nights at the Lazy Cloud Inn in Lake Geneva sure competes but in a different way. It was romantic and lazy all at once. Sweet hot tub in the room, cute decor, journals of past guests, Enchanting Evening board game (which made me realize Kenny is super sweet when the occasion calls for it). I am lucky to have him.


I can’t believe break is over already. Back to the fray. Starting the last leg of this journey that is tour. Heading to Hardin, MT for a mostly Montana tour. Here we goooooo! (Mario style).


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