Monthly Archives: February 2012

Potomac, MT

Stayed with King Arthur’s family, again. This was Maggie and I’s first separate homestay – but the houses were on the same property just a few feet apart so we were virtually together. Cool woodburning stove, hottub (i’m beginning to like this trend), and a sweet jack russell terrier in the house. Other dogs and cats about but I think Scamper was my favorite dog I’ve met in a long time.  Donnie came to see us and gave us some helpful notes.

Coolest parts: 1. My Room. Keyboard in my room and the most comfy bed yet.  HUGE with a comfy pillowtop and green walls and a slanty ceiling. Just a great ambiance. Plus heat didn’t get to that room and so it was just perfect sleeping weather with that big ol’ blanket.

2. Winter activites!! Sunday we went sledding and SNOW SHOEING. IT was the best. Snow shoeing is my new favorite winter activity. Instead of watching another lameo superbowl with teams I don’t care about I had a blast on a gorgeous winter day. These are the moments that make my job really worth while. I mean….the kids are awesome and all. The camelotians were a particularly fun bunch this week. William, Zane, Marie, Buzzy, Emma, and Lakeisha. Totally awesome group. William and Zane had these hilarious accents.

Quote of the week: “you dug one yestarrrday!” – Zane


Amsterdam, MT

Not much there but very close to Bozeman, which is a bigger city. Not huge, but big for Montana absloutely. Stayed with the Sartains, who are an awesome group of people. Turned out that the kids we were staying with played King Arthur and Mini King Arthur which never happened before. Mr Sartain built this beautiful house we stayed in. I MEAN BUILT. Designed, did foundation, everything. I was amazed! They had a cool breakfast nook, awesome fireplace, hot tub, horses and chickens to boot. Went to Bozeman for lunch one day and tooled around. Had a peanut butter and JELLY cup at the candy store….Pretty good! Tragic accident in the town had one of our cast members drop out, then another got sick the day of the show and our assistant directors just so happened to be amazing and filled in. It’s amazing what kids can do. The people in town were fabulous, they helped with absolutely everything. Putting up the set, back stage, the works.  Really awesome group of caring individuals. Instead of going to Bozeman one night we just drank with the parents of our homestay and had a great time. They even gave me a souvenir from their drink cabinet – a mock bear penis! It’s supposed to be a stir stick and it is so funny. Good times, good people.

Noteable experiences: Wes called keystone light blue champagne. PERFECT; also, I nearly hit a deer. NOT PERFECT.

Los Angeles, CA

ICK. This week started off with an insanely long travel day and waiting at the airport for several more hours. Luckily there was a party waiting. Last time I had jungle juice I swore never again….But do I listen and learn from my mistakes? NOT USUALLY WHEN IT COMES TO BOOZ. So I drink to much, vom on the carpet. The rest of the week is completely uneventful. Jillian is a TERRIBLE host and plans nothing so we do nothing. I sit at her work several days and everyone is self absorbed and completely uninterested in anything but themselves. ONE person introduced themselves to me at her studio and I was shocked. Turns out he was studying to be a minister of some sort. So there’s at least one nice person in Los Angeles, California.

Other than that I pretty much don’t like LA. It’s really spread out and traffic is awful. Worse than Chicago awful. It’s also dirty and I just don’t see what the fuss is about. Other than Luis (Jill’s flavor of the week) and the California Pizza Kitchen the week was a total bust. Waste of time and money.