Amsterdam, MT

Not much there but very close to Bozeman, which is a bigger city. Not huge, but big for Montana absloutely. Stayed with the Sartains, who are an awesome group of people. Turned out that the kids we were staying with played King Arthur and Mini King Arthur which never happened before. Mr Sartain built this beautiful house we stayed in. I MEAN BUILT. Designed, did foundation, everything. I was amazed! They had a cool breakfast nook, awesome fireplace, hot tub, horses and chickens to boot. Went to Bozeman for lunch one day and tooled around. Had a peanut butter and JELLY cup at the candy store….Pretty good! Tragic accident in the town had one of our cast members drop out, then another got sick the day of the show and our assistant directors just so happened to be amazing and filled in. It’s amazing what kids can do. The people in town were fabulous, they helped with absolutely everything. Putting up the set, back stage, the works.  Really awesome group of caring individuals. Instead of going to Bozeman one night we just drank with the parents of our homestay and had a great time. They even gave me a souvenir from their drink cabinet – a mock bear penis! It’s supposed to be a stir stick and it is so funny. Good times, good people.

Noteable experiences: Wes called keystone light blue champagne. PERFECT; also, I nearly hit a deer. NOT PERFECT.


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