Los Angeles, CA

ICK. This week started off with an insanely long travel day and waiting at the airport for several more hours. Luckily there was a party waiting. Last time I had jungle juice I swore never again….But do I listen and learn from my mistakes? NOT USUALLY WHEN IT COMES TO BOOZ. So I drink to much, vom on the carpet. The rest of the week is completely uneventful. Jillian is a TERRIBLE host and plans nothing so we do nothing. I sit at her work several days and everyone is self absorbed and completely uninterested in anything but themselves. ONE person introduced themselves to me at her studio and I was shocked. Turns out he was studying to be a minister of some sort. So there’s at least one nice person in Los Angeles, California.

Other than that I pretty much don’t like LA. It’s really spread out and traffic is awful. Worse than Chicago awful. It’s also dirty and I just don’t see what the fuss is about. Other than Luis (Jill’s flavor of the week) and the California Pizza Kitchen the week was a total bust. Waste of time and money.


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