Potomac, MT

Stayed with King Arthur’s family, again. This was Maggie and I’s first separate homestay – but the houses were on the same property just a few feet apart so we were virtually together. Cool woodburning stove, hottub (i’m beginning to like this trend), and a sweet jack russell terrier in the house. Other dogs and cats about but I think Scamper was my favorite dog I’ve met in a long time.  Donnie came to see us and gave us some helpful notes.

Coolest parts: 1. My Room. Keyboard in my room and the most comfy bed yet.  HUGE with a comfy pillowtop and green walls and a slanty ceiling. Just a great ambiance. Plus heat didn’t get to that room and so it was just perfect sleeping weather with that big ol’ blanket.

2. Winter activites!! Sunday we went sledding and SNOW SHOEING. IT was the best. Snow shoeing is my new favorite winter activity. Instead of watching another lameo superbowl with teams I don’t care about I had a blast on a gorgeous winter day. These are the moments that make my job really worth while. I mean….the kids are awesome and all. The camelotians were a particularly fun bunch this week. William, Zane, Marie, Buzzy, Emma, and Lakeisha. Totally awesome group. William and Zane had these hilarious accents.

Quote of the week: “you dug one yestarrrday!” – Zane


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